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Again, again

Sunday, April 6, 2014
Little ray ray came over to Honwee's today, and although my favourite boy was down with fever he (being the bubbly 10 y/o he is) still managed to put on the brightest smile and sat next to me while I was attentively playing Space Team with H, and his sister. I offered to piggy back Rayray around the house, and we did, destroying (kicking lol) everybody in our way! He had a lot of fun and told me "again, again!!". I love little Ray when he giggles while 'flying' to every corner of the house. So adorable I want to give him a big hug. I think his fever would go down tonight because all those 'flying' around gave him a chance to perspire, providing an outlet for all the toxin occupying his little body. Today I'm the happiest person on Earth, I actually taupok-ed Minhui (Honwee's sister) with Honwee. Ahh, can't be any better! Wish every weekend could be like this. :)


Now, I just need to remember to take a picture when with little Ray.