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Youth @ 19

Friday, April 11, 2014


I love being 19, young enough to do be foolish, old enough to be entrusted with your own well-being. I can wear tight clothes and short shorts with adults brushing it off as "kids nowadays". I dread the age whereby people would stare at me crazy when I say I ate had McD's the entire week. I like how my face does not have to depend on tiny expensive glasses of bottles to retain my remarkable youthful face. I like the exploration, I like little adventures, I like that I do not have to conform to a certain type. Some days I'm a sweet young lady, the next day I rock this world so hard I bring Avril Lavigne to shame (I kid, bb I love you, you my princess forever).

I love being awake at 430 am writing entries. I don't want to grow up anymore, youth at 19 is priceless.