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A dollar?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014



I think I like my shoulders, they make me feel like a woman. My mum's off day finally collided with my free-day so we had a few good moments at home before I decide to set out. I think I like the $1 incident best.

My mum was at the window when she suddenly told me "I dropped a dollar" in mandarin, and in mandarin a dollar is 一块 (yi kuai) or 一块钱 (yi kuai qian). I happily mistook it for a piece of cloth, which is 一块布 (yi kuai bu) in mandarin, because she said 一块 (yi kuai) without any specification. And it's only logical to conclude that she dropped a piece of clothing off while at the window. She ran down and came back up with the champion smile on her face when she revealed her one dollar coin. I asked her if that's all, and she replied "yep!" almost like a little school girl. I like watching my mum get excited over really trivial issues, she gives off this youthful vibe whenever she does that.

It is a rather uneventful day despite being out. I bought new water colours and brushes, I hope I can start painting soon, then again, I don't really know how to start because I never knew how to paint. Honwee loved the mini 'painting' I did for his birthday card tho, he says he like the card so much he wanted to bring it to camp, in the end, he decided not to because he didn't want to crumple it. I don't trust 100% of what he says because he is my bf. Even if I poop, he will tell me its art. His ways of protecting me is to make sure I'll never be hurt. Which is kind of sweet and sad at the same time, dear beeby, how then will I ever get to learn anything?


Today, I missed you a little lesser but I still talk about you to whoever is willing to listen. Will be seeing you in a day's time. x