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First day jitters

Monday, April 21, 2014
Uhm, mmm.. lengthy nerve-wrecking entry ahead.

First day of Junior year (year 2) tomorrow and it feels like orientation all over again. Not only that, H gleefully announce to me that he secured himself a slot in NUS, which means to complete the future we fantasized together, I have to do well for my remaining years in poly so we can attend the same school together. To be completely honest..... I am not confident about it at all. Entertaining the thoughts about GPA (Go Poly must A) drives me crazy, considering the fact that my GPA isn't at all near my dream score. *pout


Then again, I don't really have anything else other than school to worry about. Like the conversation I had with H's father.

H's dad: "You have to study hard now that school is starting!"
Me: "Yeah, I only have school to think about, anyway"
H's parents: *laughs


Another factor that worries me, a lot, is.... friends. I told H this today

Me: " I realise the best way to make people like you is to not comment on anything at all"
H: "Yeah, but that is not something you can do"
Me: "Because I have a stand!"
H: "Yeah, I know"

His agreement kind of made it feel better, BUT, that's not the way to survive rightttt. Not everybody is going to be as easy to please as H, who seems to think that I'm absolutely amazing and if anybody doesn't like me, it's their loss. SO I AM OFFICIALLY NERVOUS AS A LONG TAILED CAT IN A ROOM FULL OF ROCKING CHAIRS (goggled that, lol).


What if I don't get to make any new friends because everybody hates my face?
What if I don't do well and completely trashed my hopes about getting into NUS?
What if my classmates created a anti-Crystal whatsapp chat group?
What if nobody wants to go to lunch with me?
What if my tutors hate me?
What if I get so fed up I quit school?
What if things doesn't go well?
...what if it does? 

Goodnight, friends. Thanks attempting to understand.
Have many, many amazing beginnings.