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That escalated quickly

Friday, April 25, 2014

20140424-190341.jpg(picture from Tumblr)

It is merely the first week of school but I am experiencing full knock out while on the bus back home. I am really thankful for I have yet to be stomped for occupying more seats than I should.

There were many more things to be accomplished outside my school life, book an appointment for furball's shave down (aww no more fur), buy ink cartridge for the printer, shower my smelly melly furbz, schedule my time swee swee for the army boy and GET MY LIFE TOGETHER. Why am I so busy!!! SCHOOL JUST STARTED NO?

Let's not even get started with school, I am just confused half of the time. So am I suppose to do that quiz? Where is the quiz? Why do I not have that? How many more 'handbooks' do I have to purchase? Why no more 15 minutes grace? What if my driver dies while I am on my way to school? Can I eat lunch? I am suppose to do that???

Don't let our vibrant fashion fool you, poly is definitely not easy. At least not for a klutz like me.

My life only requires me to breathe, because living gets difficult all the time.

Can I just skip my entire day until the part whereby I get to speak to H, I don't think I can do another hour while remaining sane.