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Friday, April 11, 2014

Visited the Botanical Gardens with Claudilocks yesterday, I didn't know it was so huge (and unbearably warm). We talked 90% of our time there, totally forgetting what we intend to do. It was really funny because I would demand Claudz to stand and pose and she would looked at me, surprised and say "can we take the picture together". Apparently she didn't know I was going to shoot her, and her only.


I feel like a 100% city girl when it comes to nature, I liked that I saw a pair of black swans and a lonely white swan, a few terrapins, squirrels and a puny rat. All I see at home is... Cocoa. Whom by the way IS camera-shy. Why can't everybody be like the little terrapin I saw.


It was an exhausting day, we walked for miles because I am lost most of the time. Yesterday went really well, and I am now looking forward to meet my best friend when he books out tomorrow from camp. :) have a good weekend, guys!

Oh oh I forgot to add in a picture of Claudia and I - the self proclaimed photog LOL


Okai, goodnight guys! *pecks forehead