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Free Cone Day!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014




Yay, so I met clinger Yexin today, and had my free Toffee Crunch from B&J's! I saw a few caucasian kids playing next to us, so I decided to take pictures of them. Bad move. I got scolded by their mother many, many shots later. I would have asked for her approval if she wasn't so far away and unconcerned! She was so engrossed with her own conversation with another mother. I typed out an entry worth of rant just now but deleted them after that because I had a good talk with Honwee and I feel better now!

I caught Noah with Yx too, and felt really conflicted about God, leaving church etcetera. There was literally war, combusting in my head, I can feel it. I came to a peaceful conclusion (a good 30-45 minutes later) that I am only human, and as merciful as everybody says God to be, He would have known how I feel and why I made my decision. My job as of right now is to make sure I make as little 'human mistakes' as I can while on Earth. You can disagree with me, but this is between me and God.


As Honwee is camp now, I've been out with a handful of people and some of the 'outings' turned out to be really awkward.... I guess I drifted away from certain people after a some time. Yx though, was a pleasant surprise, I think I actually had fun today? Not that she is a boring company in the past, but we never had a chance to go out with each other. It was really surprising how much fun we had just window shopping. There were times whereby we were just sitting there in total silence and I didn't feel the need to break that. Definitely want to go shop with her again next time! :)

I had a great day today, and am looking forward in meeting Claudia tomorrow!!