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Hell week

Sunday, December 8, 2013
Photo Dec 08, 10 30 01 AM

Hello friends - asdfghjkl, I can never start an entry without feeling awkward.

It's Day 0 for H overseas, and mid-semester test starts tomorrow. I'm on my phone 24/7 just in case H gets a wifi signal and decides to WA me, so clingy I think you all need a barf bag. Meanwhile I'm banking all my emotions/energy into mugging. I used to love mugging and all those little nonsense I do when I was in secondary school. Seems like things has changed. It's kind of nice to hear "See you all next year, and merry christmas" from all the tutors though. Kinda sweet? Like, I might decide to commit suicide because I flunk my MST right, right, right? What makes them so sure they will be seeing me again. They said it anyway.

Got my last piece of pay check yesterday night, can't wait for H to be back so we can go buy a penny board (is it gay for guys to get penny board?!?!), go ice-skating, go to the zoo and EAT NON-STOP. He wants to exercise too, but ew, I am going talk him out of this. I mean..... fats are cute, why be so fit? Ok, I like being fit but I like food too. Like what Jennifer Lawrence said "I can name A LOT of things, that taste better than skinny feels" I probably should stop here. Buaibuaiguise.