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Tuesday, December 10, 2013



If it concerns you, I'm wearing a tank top.  

Sometimes I close my eyes and I re-picture scenes from books I've read. Recently I imagined and listened to Elizabeth (from 'How I live Now') as she quietly thought: "The only think I knew for certain was that all around me was more life than I'd ever experienced in all the years I'd been on earth and as long as no one shut me in the barn away from Edmond at night I was safe" Reminds me of how much I miss H :( Here is my own thought, Elizabeth, "as long as nobody force me to stay away from H, I'm happy".  


I'm half way through conquering little giants in form of 1 hour test papers, and I confess, I didn't do a lot of revision whatsoever. So if by any pure strike of luck I get an A for a subject, which I'm hoping for anyway, I only have Lady Luck to thank. Four more days before I get to sink into H's skin and never return, all I've got to do now is "just keep swimming". C