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2(Date week)

Monday, December 16, 2013


I really want to thank God, the flight and the tour for sending H back to me. With H back in Singapore, we started our 2(Date Week) with all the money we saved initially - remember I talked about saving up for a super luxurious date with H after his A's? We didn't save a lot though because we were constantly spending while we were both studying. x) 


We have A LOT on the list, and I'm praying for a wonderful weather tomorrow, in fact, I'm praying for a great weather for the rest of the month (which is not possible) because I want to visit the River Safari!! :'( And we've a lot of outdoor activities that we want to do! I haven't felt more carefree in the past few months, than I did today. Despite the new found freedom, I would still randomly think about the on-going projects that has yet to be finished and whatnot. Education...................... feels like a burden tonight. O well!!!! PLAY TIME. C