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Thursday, December 26, 2013



Picture taken awhile back, evidently. Went off to the book store to re-stock some of my pens in preparation for school's reopen, oh how time pass so quickly. Year 1 is ALMOST (3/4) over, I still have a couple of weeks to clock in before I depart to Neverland. Thankfully, my semester ends 2 days before H's enlistment. I'm pretty excited despite how awful Army is said to be.

Yes, yes, I know

  1. Its a relationship graveyard
  2. It's not going to be easy
  3. I'm a wuss that requires a lot of attention. 

But I'm pretty sure that H is all I want, sappy, but still. I'm PREPARED, kind of. but yeah. Ok, I need to stop with the 'but' something. So as I was saying, I'm putting my life back on track and be the goal-orientated Crysy I've always wanted to be and go all out to finish my diploma and accomplish my dream of admitting into a local Uni!! Idek why I sound so excited, its prolly too easy for many of you. O WELL, lucky you cuz I need to work my pigu off for this to happen. Don't pity me yet! I'm a determined bug. 

I'm nua-ing into slumber soon, gotta meet H for morning swim tomorrow!! HOPE I CAN WAKE UP *fingers crossed* Happy boxing day guys! C