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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It was almost like WWW just that the place seems bigger and more effort was made into decorating? Just a few interesting events that took place. My first and last ride were the most...... damaging rides, physically and psychologically.


I took this shitty thing (pic abv) first, H was telling me "the ride is erm, very injury-prone" and in my head was I was like "R U KIDDING? I'm born for rides like this" Guess who left the ride with scratched knee and bleeding toe. I was darn upset about it because I had to push the 'Rainbow Reef' for the last 'ride' so that my wounds would heal before I snorkel in seawater next to pretty fishes. Turns out I didn't like 'Rainbow Reef' very much either. I admit the view was spectacular, I mean, really like, WOW. BUT THE BREATHING SUCKS. I kept breathing in seawater, despite proudly telling H "oh I bet I won't drink any of the seawater at all". And whenever I inhale oxygen + seawater through my damn mouth, I activate this gag-reflex thingy hence.... i ended up struggling in the water until a lifeguard comes to save me. Daheck. That's prolly the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me. I caught my breath for a moment or two before I go on and complete my snorkelling. It was hell, I decided to stop attempting to breathe so that I take in minimum amount of seawater. Until some over-friendly fish started swimming right to my face, which reminded me of how H jokingly told me that they put well-fed pirranhas inside, friggin' hell I swallowed ALL that damn seawater and was struggling like a drowning kid. Till then I was already so close to finishing it so I swam really quickly until I reach the finishing end.

I probably a major fail. Please tell me I'm still cool enough for wordpress.

H and I concluded that I am afraid of fishes + I can't snorkel for nuts + I'm so emotionally damaged because even after I'm home I still got that drowning + gag-reflex feeling. IT IS EMBARRASSING. Especially when you see kids completing it without a problem at all. :<

Well, it was not all bad at AC, H and I managed to cut an hour and a half worth of queue because his friend was at the front! Yay to that. And I leaped of this platform cliff into 4 metres deep pool!! As cool as it sounds now, I kinda chicken-out when I saw how deep the pool is, everybody laughed at me :< however that was when I knew I had to jump. I'm not a bimbo who is too scared of anything, except for fishes. And snorkelling. And ghost. OK wtvvvv.  In conclusion, AC is pretty much like WWW. I guess if you really want to go you can go carousell to find cheap tixs that's what my clever boy did and we only paid S$25 for a S$36 ticket.

Quote of the day

"I hate those damn fishes, unless they are dead on the dishes."

Toodles. Happy New year in advance!