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Cocoa Sunday

Sunday, December 1, 2013

ImageMid-Semester Test (MST) is in a week's time and I'm temporary trapped between four walls. Things progress really quickly in poly. There is another phrase for that, that H like to use...... Ah I remember, "that escalated quickly". I only had to sit for three test papers last semester, now I have to sit for six, half of which requires heavy memory work. Thanks but screw you business jargons, definitions and applications. ANDDDDD....... test on the weekends should be illegal.  I L L E G A L. 


School's nonsense aside, 

Was looking at the people around me, and realise that I'm rather 'cold' - aka 'dao' in the dictionary of teenage language, as a person. I don't like new "Hello"s, I don't smile, and I'm definitely cursed with the 'bitch resting face'. God bless my friends.


At the start of the year, I told myself 101 times to be FRIENDLY. 2013 is ending in 30 days, and I'm still so unfriendly?! Polytechnic definitely didn't change me. Why am I born with the most stubborn face ever. Why does God not at least make my stubborn face prettier? :( 


I'm stuck with Cocoa for awhile now because H is going for a vacation with his family soon :( It's going to be a lonely, hellish week for Ctanzeh. 




Till we meet again, x.