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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I found out that I don't get to write as much as I used to.. That's pretty sad considering how much I write to myself while growing up.  Decided to be more consistent - even if its just one paragraph!



I snipped off my long hair two days ago, it's not That short, but it's not long either. I kinda like it because I met H's family (omg) with my new short hair, and I'd like for them to think of me as a nice gentle lady, altho H kinda knows its not true - roar. O, and I met H's family. IT WAS SO EXCITING, ok, I was so darn nervous. I was pacing back and forth before his parents pick us up. I kept telling H, "YOUR MUM HATES ME" and he kept telling me "they will love you". AND to make things worst, I wasn't even on good terms with mzeeh :< which made me kinda sad becuz she always knew what to do, and I was dying to share the news with her.

P/s: we're okay now, she sent me a cool video about lighting and made me breakfast. *self-five*

............So when I finally got to meet his family, everything turns out okay. I like them a lot. His sister is good with food, and has a subtle sense of humour, like H himself. His parents are really, really sweet. H used to tell me that he wants to be a husband/father like his dad.  Aww. And his grandma looked at me like I'm gold. I feel so precious, is this even legal? I HAD A GREAAAAT TIME. I told H that if we ever start a family together, its gotta be like his. 

That doesn't seem too pushy, huh, no, yes? Yes? Ok, nvm. 

It's christmas tomorrow, I've no plans, no nothing. But this christmas is the BEST, because I already have everything. :) SO, I'm going to just sit around like this puffer fish that I saw in the River Safari last Tuesday! 


I know I don't write relatable shit anymore :( I will start, prolly tmrw if H can't come over. :> See you sweetcakes.