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Last Sunday of 2013

Monday, December 30, 2013

ImageFavourite picture of Hon Wee, so friggin' cute I want to hug him until his head explodes. Loverboy brought me to Rock and Ash for lunc today. For the past few weeks I have not been finishing my meals, and my fish fillet was so yummy I think the entire fish is swimming in ma tummy and beneath my fats. 

2013 is ending in a few more days, and I remember this time last year I told myself that "in 2013, I definitely would have friends to go count down with!". This year, I'm shamelessly tagging along with H to go count down with his friends, CLOSE ENOUGH. School is going to end in about 8-9 weeks time, and till then, I really need to work on my socialising skills. *awkward turtle* 


I appreciate all the little things that happened this year, a tiny weeny bit of downs and waves of ups. Eternally grateful for a trouble-free 18. Looking forward to my 19th birthday because for the first time in the longest time ever, somebody is celebrating it with me!! THANKS HONWEE, IN ADVANCE, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.