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Merry Christmas '13

Wednesday, December 25, 2013
Merry christmas! I loveeeee christmas, I just do, although according to H I'm not exactly a very christmas-y person. *pout* My WA, though, is heavily spammed with X'mas messages from everyone to everyone. I got a few thoughtful and personal messages from a few, and it made my day. I don't know about you but having Danial to sing 'We wish you a Merry Christmas' and slightly screaming "MERRY CHRISTMAS CRYSTAL" at the end, I think it's very sweet :)

Guys stop spamming in your WA. Instead, wish your closest friends. They will appreciate it, at least, they should! I'm going to Canopy for lunch later with H and the furkid, I love how unexcited she looks right now. Her expression when she learnt that she's going out would be PRICELESS.


Back from Bishan Park, and retired for the day! Ok la, its kinda late already. Cocoa had an excitable day, we ate at Canopy with all the other furkidz. DOGS ARE IN ALL SHAPE AND SIZES!! Here is our lil' furkid whom attracted a fair amount of attention because she's "so cute".

IMG_4293(edit) IMG_4297(Edit)


IMG_4303(Edit) IMG_4313(edit)

THIS IS HOW SHORT MY HAIR IS NOW. My old hair used to be all the way under my boobs *insert really sad face here* (picture below) I guess it prolly look short only because my face is getting fatter... I've been eating without any form of restriction whatsoever. I need to get fit soon!!




And hello, new hairrrr. DO I LOOK OK.


I love this shot of Cocoa (Honwee be like "FINALLY"), it's so.... her.  IMG_4340 IMG_4343


After the meal, I concluded that I hate the whole all day brunch thing. I am going to strike 'Hatched', 'Habitat' and a few more other restaurants I was dying to go, off the list. Food I ate from 'famous' restaurants are either bland or too salty. Maybe I'm ignorant, I order the wrong thing etcetc, but I'd have McD's over this ANYDAY. Poor people food > rich people food.


Maybe I'm meant to be poor. IDK, but kway tiao was more appetising than Egg Benedict. No offence tho, I've been a weird child all my life. Like the other day I drag H down to Strictly's Pancake, and we both ended up wanting to vomit. WE LOVE PANCAKES, it was just.... too much of this, too much of that. O well. The food looks good thou, tadah,




H says "atas food all look good only what no?" I wanted to shoot him an "absurd" expression, until I realise it was true.... well, for our cases that is. C