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Thursday, December 12, 2013

ImageHad my first hot frappe with QL, her cheeks are insanely cute. I think I might have developed some weird liking for 'happy cheeks'. Haven't had such hearty conversation with anyone for the longest time ever. The thing I love about old friends is that, they always bring this warm nostalgic feeling back. "Remember when your belt (our school uniform was a blouse + pinafore) was AT your butt?????" I can't believe how improper I was back then.  

To clarify, I was never the 'wild child', but I wasn't an angel either. 


I love how carefree those days were, 

but I need to start appreciating poly days more before it slipped away from my fingers.



I should prolly stop counting my days and make my days count. STEP. OK WTV. Last paper tomorrow!! So excited x) Nightnight friends.