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Friday, January 31, 2014



Visit daddy and his side of family today, I'm so thrilled by the idea that next time during the lunar new year, there would be another 2 people joining us for house visiting. I had a 1 minute video call session with my step-mum today, I saw her eyes light up when she saw me. It was a good feeling. Daddy told me she is about a month pregnant now, I'm really excited and I hope the crucial three months wouldn't be too difficult to deal with. I kinda like my step-mum, not the kind of love I share with my own mother, but the kind of love that exist between family. I hope I can pop by my dad's somewhere in March to get to know more about my step-mum prolly keep her company cuz it is really demanding for pregnant women to step out of house and she would be really bored. My dad talks about my step-mum in this little smile, and I like it. I hope he can be a greater father to my little sibling, because I'm so old now and if I ever needed love, I can just pretend to be upset and *tadah* wild honwee appears. Ok not wild. Was thinking about pokemon.  

My dad's mum/grandma (I forgot, oops) held my hand today when I bid goodbye. Her hand was weak and wrinkly, but warm and familiar. It felt so long since I had any physical contact with my family. I forgot how much I love that. 

Little human, whose gender I have no knowledge of yet, please hold my hand because I really want to hold yours too.