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Another year

Saturday, January 4, 2014

ImageI made mac and cheese for loverboy today. It tasted like margarine, I did not really liked it. H finished it clean tho, he says it is "not bad", $50 says he is saying that to make me happy. I like today. I took a 2 hours cat nap, H says "I fell asleep beside you, when I woke up, you're still sleeping". But I cannot help it, I feel so safe with H around the house and it rained. Oh yes, it rained, it was strong winds and heavy downpour one moment, and sunny and warm the other. It is too confusing for my body to adapt, so I slept. I have a lot of things to do like drawing (again), reading and probably eating. I choose not to be bothered about projects and whatnot, for now. I'm going to wiggle back into bed now because it is a long day tomorrow, and I get to see my friends again, cheers to that. C