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Saturday, January 25, 2014
Going through the i-hate-poly phase once again. I hate projects so much, I hate spending all my hours engaging people, it's so energy draining. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE MOST, I hate spoon-feeding. I hate it when people don't know something and they come to me and ask me "how ah?", I love my friends, I love every one of them, I just hate nannying. Because when people ask me something, I feel very obligated to find out for them, to type out the solution in word document neatly with heading and footer for them. IT IS SO EXHAUSTING? I hate doing research on something you should have done it yourself, maybe you can email the teacher? Or speak to somebody that has a better understanding of the subject? Because the last time I check my GPA is merely a 3.6 I'm definitely no better than you.

and I hate being a 'leader' of any sort, I don't want to lead team, class, or group. I love following because I have almost zero stand at all. I'd like to lead peaceful life by the stream so for the love for Christ just find out yourselfffff. I STILL LOVE YOU, BUT CAN YOU UGH, GO FIND OUT ON YOUR OWNZXS OR ASK THE GROUP IN GENERAL?!?!?