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of approval and acceptance

Sunday, January 12, 2014
"She frowns just like you",
"That's not frowning, she's is just resting",
"She is".

Perspective is not a new word to me but it's definition still trips me every day. Is it because I'm still seeking approval and acceptance from friends I don't even need? Because I still believe and trust that if I love somebody, they are bound to love me back? Perhaps.

H reminded me that I already have friends that I can rely on, and some people are merely acquaintance. I was very comforted by that. I still love people that I hang out with everyday. Ok, maybe just like, not love. However, I think its time to stop putting so much effort into pleasing people. I am not a horrible person, that I'm sure of, and I do not feel the need to justify myself of that anymore.