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Wednesday, January 8, 2014
I woke up this morng excitably bobbing up and down. I was cocksure that H would celebrate my birthday for me because I was so shamelessly blatant about wanting H to bring me out to eat or let me go lan-gamming for 5 hrs.

However bf, or should I now call 'secretive H' wanted to keep my dinner destination a surprise, so I didn't know what I was going to do for my birthday. I tried bugged him the entire day, it didn't work. "Habitat Coffee or Grub?!" The oscar actor replied "OMG STOP GUESSING!!!". As if my guesses were anywhere near the answer. After school H brought me to a bus-stop and insisted I be blindfolded. SO I DID AS TOLD, and whole-heartedly trusted him when he led me off the bus, around buildings, up stairs etc.

Turns out that he gathered all my friends at Natty's place to celebrate my birthday :')

I NEVER HAD A CELEBRATION, LET ALONE A SURPRISE PARTY. I was so touched, still am. I didn't cry tho, because I'm pretty sure  I just stood there stunned while everybody assisted me in making my wish, blowing out the candles and handing me food. I'm ovah da moonz guise, if you ever read my wordpress, please know that I'm really thankful you all took time off your busy schedules (especially now so since its project submission periods in our respective schools) to come and keep me company.


And thanks beeb.................
for EVERYTHING even the things that I casually mentioned like "buy me a tiara ok"... I'm so surprised by the degree of knowledge you have about me. AND THAT CAKE. I still cannot believe you made it from scratch. You make this grumpy women the happiest every single day. I am really glad that you are my boyfriend, I want to bury my face under your armpit and take a nap right now. Thx4daPDA, cuz ze happiness is reflected right on my face in the picture.


I came home to Cocoa looking very grumpy, I realised I left her alone at home the whole day.Image

So cute even when angry. Thanks for the lovely evening, altho its taking a toll on me :< struggling to complete project right now!! :( meanwhile, have a great mid-week!!