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Seven things about Cocoa

Saturday, January 25, 2014

As title suggest, here are seven strange things that Cocoa does:

  1. Snoring. My dog snores, and very (un)fortunately my mum is an extremely light sleeper. Every night is a battle for the both of them because we all sleep in such close proximity. I do not have any issue sleeping with noise (so long they are not from the renovation next door), so I find it wildly amusing when Cocoa accidentally annoys mummy with her snoring. When you hear "SHUT UP COCOA" you know its 10 points to Cocoa!

  2. She flops. Unlike all normal healthy dog, my dog is lazy beyond her bones. Cocoa makes no effort in settling her ass on to firm ground before sprawling all over the place. She flops, belly first. 

  3. Wiggle dance. Every morning when Cocoa wakes, she would go to the kitchen rag, lay her back on it and wiggle. Adorable sight!

  4. To entertain my need to be love, Cocoa developed a skill I call 'kissing on command'.

  5. I secretly bring furbz up the bed whenever my mum is home late, or not around. Cocoa would normally choose to sleep next to me as I curl her up, not only that she would choose this particular position making sure that her butt is right in my face.

  6. For Cocoa, the best part about going out is going home! She gets excited going out but, she is even more excited going home!

  7. Whenever we head out for a jog, I need to slow down so that she could catch up! Honwee finds it funny that the dog lags behind because normally dogs out run their owners. This is mostly my fault because I seldom bring Cocoa, so when we actually do, she'll be exhausted to bones even before we reach the park.

There is a lot more,
but I don't want it to be too lengthy for you all, sooooozxs see you all again!