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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Image(Thank you, Vanessa, for being my model. I mentioned you now, didn't I?)

Wednesday was lovely, it was almost like bring-your-bf-to-school day, but I brought him home and we spent some time with mummy too. I like spending my entire day with Honwee, I feel like a tatt. I hope he likes it too.

Today ideally marks the last day spent immersed in the simple pleasure of idling around. Note that I typed 'idling', not 'wasting my time' bcuz...... I'm not really wasting it, I got myself two new books to add to my already full shelf. There is a difference between wasting time and taking a break. Not that I am in need of any, just thought I deserve to a few good reads during the holiday.

Also, I had one of the simplest yet heart warming time with the girls in my class today.
we sat around our tables and were talking about first impressions. I love how some of us are so friggin' judgemental. Like srsly bitch, how can you think of me that way? Then again, when I revealed my impressions everyone was so angry, in a happy way of course. Lovevin said she thought I was proud and arrogant, and to be really honest, I kind of already knew that. You see, when she first talked to me, I got really nervous and slipped into the talking-machine mode, and wanting very much to please her I started going on about me, myself and I. I went home thinking "damn, why couldn't you just shut the gap up".

It was mostly fun and entertaining, especially when they revealed how they all thought that I was from China, trying too hard by naming myself 'Crystal'. It was hilarious! "I thought you trying to act one high class by calling yourself 'Crystal'!!" - Yexin. Yes, however pretentious, Crystal IS my real name, it is in my birth certificate. My aunt named me that.

Time is unforgiving, we merely have three more weeks to annoy each other before we go on our separate ways, to make new friends, new experiences, and new problems. To make things worst, the time I took to type this entry is the only time I have on hand to reminisce, because as I speak, time is taken away from me to make sure I get a grade worthy enough to choose my electives next academic year. Many times I wished things doesn't have to be like this, but I'm too in love with the idea of meritocracy to change any of that now.

It's getting kind of late,
Goodnight lovely one. (: