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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Update for the wee-natics:
His hair grew a bit longer compared to 2 weeks ago, it is really soft and everybody is asking for permission to feel his head. I am especially fond of it, but little Rayray says that "honwee is more stupid now because his head is smaller". He did become a little slow, in his defence however, he said "you have to be stupid if not you will think that army is stupid". I guess he is having the time of his life in camp because there is just so much pride being in NDU.


Being away for 12 days is probably the longest time we have ever been separated from each other. Needless to say, I was thrilled about his homecoming. Went down to fetch my recruit from discovery centre but I was not suppose to hold his hand T_T or whatsoever. Spent the next two days at Honwee's place to celebrate his birthday with his family, or to have dinner. Only then I realised how much I miss his family because everybody is so giving, friendly, happy and there is always an occasion to take pictures. Asked Honwee to get his family to watch 'Divergent' with me, hehe. However poor boy dozed off a couple of time because 11pm is way after his lights out time.

This morning we spent two hours knocked out on my couch, only to be found and laughed at by my mum. -__- It's not my fault that his morning starts at 530am and mine at 2pm right.

Indeed it was an amazing weekend! Goodnight guys :>