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Dark side

Saturday, March 29, 2014


I just realised my mum's weird obsession with animal prints. And, I finally got to breathe. Fetch the little baldy home, and he fell asleep on my bed almost immediately after he showered (must be the air condition)! When Honwee woke up, I fed him his favourite B&J ice-cream, one durian puff and a bowl of (instant, lol) soup before he zonked out yet again on my bed only to wake up and mumbled the same sentence over and over again, "how do you even wake up in the morning".  Army has proved to be exhausting although it is reasonably progressive.  //  I made a very important decision this week to tell Honwee about what a person I truly am, all the mistakes I've made, big or small. And asked if he would still love me as I am. I was prepping for Honwee to abandon me and find an angel so much more adoring than I can ever be. It feels so much like Kelly Clarkson's 'Dark Side'. I was scared. So scared and ashamed.


Fortunately he was more than willing to accept me because if "nine months into the relationship, your past didn't affect us, it never will." 
There and then, I lived again.