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Monday, March 31, 2014



Monday bluezsx hitting me so bad right now, initially I thought I would breeze this week, because I was promised a job as of this week *glares. Well, while that is not happening, I went to find more part-time jobs, which I woke up early and get myself cleaned up for. It took merely 5 minutes to complete some mandatory form which is usually met with "our manager will contact you in a few days.... or weeks." Read: NO JOB FOR YOU HERE, BABE

On top of that, I haven't seen my mum much lately?! I texted her and demand her of her location this morning. She replied "at the doc's", well that is some exclusive doctor because it is almost 6:30PM now and don't you miss your daughter, OR AT LEAST MISS COCOA. *pout. 

My exercise schedule starts tomorrow + wednesday, which I will not procrastinate and skip. So, here I am sad, alone and ignored by my one and only pal (cocoa). To adapt to the state of nothingness, I finished H's B&J. It is really strange because I never liked ice-creams. Times like these makes me wonder, why the need to have so much friends when you feel that you can't turn to anyone of them. Or maybe it's me. Maybe I isolated myself too much in order to spend every breathing moment with Honwee. #notetoself #wedefinitelyneedspace #wellwefinallyhavespace #butiamnotsurvivingatall #whyah #doisuck


Since today already suck so bad, I think I am deserving of everything I love. I am going to play blackshot for hours, go home and eat my favourite sashimi then wait for my favourite time of the day - Honwee's 'secure' time.