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Sunday, March 16, 2014


I was ferociously typing up an angry entry about self-entitle people (maybe another time, I guess) when Honwee called and melt this 175/6/7cm women right to her toes. I didn't have any stories to share with him because all I did was sprawled all over the couch/bed at home. It didn't make me really happy, but I couldn't find a bone in me to get up. I broke my promise to bring my dog out, even my mother couldn't handle me any longer, so she walked the poor furbz on her own. I guess today will be a very good day to abandon my oh-so-paiseh mentality and head out to walk, not like I've never done it before

I've already decided on three places to head to, and will bring along the camera. I am going to be the tourist of my country! Very excited and inspired about taking pictures while on the road. Looks like wordpress is going to bombarded by updates, hue hue, ok I need to stop that, it's not cute.