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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It has been really hazy lately, and although it might not necessarily healthy but everywhere I go, every corner I lay my eyes on has the hint of history and art. Kind of like vintage coming back alive, maybe its the mist, maybe its the weather, I have yet to decide which has a greater impact on such magnificent view. I stopped talking to people, not because they are annoying, I just prefer solitude. Prefer to feel how I feel without having to 'be strong'. I'd love to hang out with somebody who is as sentimental as me. Thinking of travelling out to Tiong Bahru myself, but too lazy to bones (or fats) to move my really big butt. I update dayre really often now because I have nothing better to do, and I take pictures a lot - thanks to the haze. Well, you can follow me if you have nothing better to do too! I might or not might post a picture of Honwee's bald head, like the entire head. LOL. MIGHT. (how plain evil right, using Honwee to boost my followers count)

Just in case you miss Honwee,
he says camp is quite chill now. He even attended a talk for 3 hours (yawn), but I guess today consist a bit more action for him because he got to swim. He hasn't call me yet, but assured me that he might be able to talk to me every night for this week. Not sure about the next, but I'm happy with how well he is adapting in camp... for now.