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ignore me, please

Thursday, March 27, 2014
Sigh, I am a very horrible person. Used to be horrible, still am horrible. I always feel that I would never commit another mistake again because it felt so long since I last regretted doing something. Today is a solid prove that I am no help to another person and should just mind my own business. I love my friends, I really do, however I feel that the more I say/do, the more I harm my friends. Maybe if I wasn't such a nosey, and nonsense-blabbering friend there will be peace. I feel so utterly disappointed and disgusted with myself. So afraid that whatever I do next might hurt somebody else. I really hope Honwee can be here tonight, so he can hold me until everything seems okay. I'm sincerely apologetic to whatever nonsense I've caused, it is my fault. I guess isolation is for me after all, I'm not worthy of hanging out with people and harm them. I think a good note to myself is to.... think thrice before I speak.