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Sunday, March 2, 2014

I met a little boy at H's BBQ yesterday, 

little angel caught my heart almost immediately. When I first talked to Ray, or when Ray first talked to me, he told me "When I first saw you at the buffet, you were so tall!!!! Why are you so tall? Oh, oh, I'm the boy who kept going to get ice-creams, I even topped my vanilla ice-cream on coffee!" I loved his innocence and his non-stop chatter. 

I always thought 10 year olds are full of themselves, thinking they are all grown up, but little Ray rejected my H0 (thumbs up for the hypothesis testing reference *geek*). I guess Ray is not the kid that misbehaves on purpose. We were playing murderer, and I showed him my card like I always did before every round starts. He looked really carefully and exclaimed "oh!! now I know who is the police!" giving my identity away immediately. I had to eat wasabi for that round :( 

Also Ray likes to ask me questions, btr than 80% of the askers from I would say. He asked "Are you saliva-conscious?", I told him no and he, being really concerned asked "Why? What if somebody is sick?". I bet if somebody on askfm asked me that same question, he/she would reply "Slut, you like kissing everybody". *glares at you through my macbook*. 

I made effort to give him a full satisfactory explanation every time he asked me a questions because I remember very vividly that by rejecting to answer a kid would hurt his creativity. I hope he never stops, and grow up to be a remarkable man I know he would be. I miss little Ray already :(