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Sunday, May 18, 2014





I had a weekend staycation at H's and was awoken up by him with a peck on my cheek (he was sleeping in another room, if you're v e r y concerned). It was an exciting morng because his family and I went to get the ingredients needed for the cookies the night before.

H coaxed me out of bed and got me to clean up while he made us (his sister and I) some biscotti. Not from scratch of course, he is still pretty much a boy when it comes to the kitchen (not that I'm any better, haha). But I liked the fact that b'fast was served to me freshly warmed up by my army boy.

We spent a few good hours mixing, baking and cleaning. I'm extremely proud of us. From noobs to newbies, I loved how far we've come.

It is intensely heartwarming now as I sit here and watch my cookies rest while I sip on the ribena my pretty boy made.

This must be how paradise feels like.