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Sunday, May 25, 2014

That's all I see now, lines, edges and textures. I am so in love with the world a designer gets to live in. It's unfair, so brutally unfair. In the midst of my obsession with the littlest detail that is not tainted by my mind's subconscious labeling, I've found freedom in living. You're a line, a dark smooth line that puts the link between heaven and hell. Maybe that's what living is all about, a stretch of time. You get to choose whether to be bold, interesting and vital, or do you prefer to merely exist. I've drawn sketches and sketches during the perspective studies class and most of them consist of mere thin lines. I think that's how we are. We merely just exist, until of course we decided to get together, side by side to form something bigger.

For now, I want to lead my life bold and full.