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Monday, May 5, 2014

I know I am too young to say this.
We are always too young, aren't we?

Honwee is The One for me. I know being attached at such young age takes me off the market and ability to try out new things etcetera. I honestly will not be bothered by Thought Catalog's articles on how singles are happier wtv nonsense. I'm so happy with this relationship that I do not need Thought Catalog to dictate it. I'm one of the lucky few that managed to find somebody you know you belong to within my third try in the whole relationship game. It is not even those relationship you know you connect with somebody, have that spark, chemistry or even if he/she gives in to your every demand. I know we are going to be together for a very long time.

If H and I had any argument at all, it will resolve once we see each other and how broken we both are. It breaks my heart, actually it feels like my heart got shredded into pieces whenever I see how genuinely affected Honwee can be. It sucks so bad when I see his face so torn over whatever I've said. I want to hug him and tell him I am sorry. On top of that, Honwee never leaves. N E V E R. If you ever had an argument with a bf and he walked off on you, YOU KNOW HOW BAD IT FRIGGIN HURTS. That S.O.B better come back and kiss my foot if he intend to continue this relationship... but Honwee NEVER leaves, not even once. He doesn't walk away even if I asked him to, no pusher is strong enough to push this one away because he is too determined to work things out with his girl.  

And he loves me. He really, really do. 
I wanted to join school's modern dance, but couldn't make the cut. I pout a bit, blamed it on my non-existence experience in that field. BUT no, Honwee doesn't let it go, he know his girl want to learn how dance. So he initiated for us to go learn it together when he completes army. CAN YOU IMAGINE HONWEE DANCING?!?! I can't. I honestly can't. I started crying when I knew he meant it. 19 years on Earth, I never had that kind of support and encouragement from anybody, not even my parents. My parents never had excess cash for me to pick up anything. As I grew up I was too embarrassed to request to learn anything. I don't think you can fathom how much it means to me to have somebody moving out of their comfort zones with me to pursue what I have been secretly dreaming of. Whatever I want, he would go out and achieve it with me. I once mentioned about being an air stewardess, he replied "then I shall be the pilot".   

Nobody... I repeat, nobody has ever loved me beyond such extend. There is nothing Honwee wouldn't do, if I wanted him to....... and there is nobody else I can ever fall in love with again without having him being compared to Honwee. He spoilt the market, nobody else will ever truly win Crystal's heart, not even if you had all the credit cards in the world for me to spend. I might love money, but I love Honwee more.