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Runaway Girlfriend

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Today I waited for H to accidentally drift into deep slumber (11pm was way past his bed time hahaha) before I stole his keys, snuck out of his house with Cocoa.

H likes sending me home, well I don't think he likes it, but he hates the idea of me walking down the streets alone at an hour like this.

On the other hand, I hate it when H goes the extra mile to send me home and walk back to his place. It is sweet but extremely exhausting to walk for another 15-20 minutes with fatigue weighing you down. I do not wish my sleepyhead to wander the streets with his energy level at 1%.

It was not easy sneaking out of his place because H drifts in and out of slumber, and I can hardly keep anything from him. So he kept asking me "why do you have that cheeky face on you, what did you do?" when he wakes up all of a sudden. I tried my best to pull off my oscar winning act, and managed to pacify him back to sleep.

I think it is a fun experience although I think H would now put his guard up against his sneaky little girlfriend. No POP picture because NDU says so, but I might post a picture of the oscar selfie with H and his family soon.

Till then!