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First impressions, and pleasing people

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I love how everybody fits in nicely, well not everybody, but that's okay. I like to follow this group of girls to lunch every school day. Nobody was a replica of anybody, everyone just fits in. "You seem like the girl that is the happy-go-lucky kind", not exactly, I just do not care about all the minor things that happen in life.

I like to know. Who is an asshole, who had sex, who got together, who likes another person, who cheated. There is no wrong in knowing. I don't judge you for the little things you did and regret (or don't). There is no wrong with sex. There is no wrong with loving somebody. You can still sit next to me or grab my arm even if the night before you had a steamy affair with somebody you are not supposed to. Unless you are Honwee. If you are Honwee, I'd kick your manhood. But Honwee would never do that.

You don't exactly have to be morally right for me to befriend you. If I like you, I like you. I don't like people because they are Jesus.

Then again,
I sub-consciously go around to please everybody. I wished everybody liked me. I wore my crop top + jeans the other day to school and a lot of my classmates were very surprised. They gave me faces and called me "sexy ah". It felt really uncomfortable, but it was just my tummy. I never wore it again. I told myself that I will never reveal too much of anything again. Then I got really sad, because I like clothes. I like clothes that cover everything, I like clothes that show you a little more of me. Clothes are good.

Yesterday night, I come to a realisation that I do not have to please anybody. I am still the same person that subtly insult everybody on the whatsapp group (with humour, of course), I am still the same person who couldn't understand what the teacher was trying to say.


Will you still think of me the same way if I wasn't the same? Why does it bother you so much that I do not behave the certain way YOU expect me to?