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Saturday, June 21, 2014



Something about Sunday that is so darn depressing, whatever you're feeling now, know that I am having it at least 2-10 times worst (depending on how you see it, or how sad you are. Don't be sad tho, *hugs*). I used to dislike Sundays for it is an end to a week. I feel like I have to start all over again. Now, I hate it. Even more so when it is accompanied by the silence, and coldness of the still home. Is it still a home anymore now that it is just four walls? I have to survive this week, to clear everything before Saturday dawn. I want more time.

And that's the thing about time.. it keeps moving along. There is no stopping. Not when you're happy, not when you're sad. It keeps me motivated whenever I am feeling down because "this shall pass". Soon the loneliness will turn into anticipation while I wait by my phone for a "BOOK OUT LO" text from H. That's the highlight of my week, any week.