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We are ONE

Monday, June 9, 2014




We had a little cake for our first month, and that was the only time we celebrated a monthsary. Somehow, we decided that we too should have a cake for our anniversary. The lighting was in our favour, so we took a lot of pictures of us eating the cake.

I liked how our celebration turned out. Initially it was more of our usual date, then it turned out really good because we went to buy a lot of good food home. We were pigging out like we always did. Although I always feel that studying was what brought us together, but I think food was the sole factor that grew our friendship. Thank-you beeb for not abandoning me when my appetite decreased drastically. I will attempt to increase my appetite again and go on more food trips together. I can imagine your beaming face now.


Oh God, we are one. How quick was that?