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Friday, June 27, 2014

Hmm, I kept using pictures from that day. What if I liked being pretentious, lol.  // This week has been really chaotic, my mind is permanently choked with activities, planning and etc. I worry a lot recently. I have no idea how but I am somehow struck with some kind of bad luck? I am all over Singapore. One hour I'm in school, the next I'm on my heels running to catch the bus home. I forgot that my submission date was today, which normally equates to failing a particular part of a module, but thankfully my teacher worked out a solution for me. *eternally grateful.  I am pretty sure this is the side effect of procrastinating. I absolutely hate this rushy feeling. I still have 2 or 3 datelines to catch before this week ends and I sincerely hope that I can out-do myself.

Nonetheless, this holiday was extremely productive and fruitful; I barely noticed Honwee's absence.  I guess I'll leave you with this, until I find a time more appropriate for blogging.

P/s: I have been obsessed with polo-tee ever since the day Honwee wore it out. Oh the classiness.