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Dinner x stephy

Saturday, June 7, 2014


My own library of scent that my dad brought back from some duty-free shop while going to China. My dad and stephanie (step mum's new name, so cute, but I'm calling her stephy here cuz it's cuter) bought me a lot of new things. EOS lipbalm (aww I always wanted that), perfume, more bracelets, eyeshadow platte that I doubt I would use and.. A lot more.

It felt like my birthday.

Which means to say I met my step mum recently!! She's a lovely woman, and she is so petite. She told me she gained a lot of weight from pregnancy but I honestly couldn't tell.

I had a great dinner with my dad, stephy and H last week. Can't wait to see all of them again!! Except for Honwee, I want to see Honwee NOW.