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Ushering '16

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hello from the GF sorority club, member count is currently still two. Hoping to increase by the end of the year since the boys are going to embark a new phase in their lives!

We are crashing Kong's house this year and WHOA WHERE GOT HOUSE SO BIG ONE. We are all very convinced that he is actually disgustingly rich, to which he vehemently denied. It is arguably one of the best count down so far!! The food were yummy and the best thing about this clique is that they don't treat me as Honwee's shadow. I am more than a plus one, I am a member. They would help bring me food from the BBQ and consider me whenever they are doing anything (e.g. what kind of alcohol to buy, what kind of food blah blah). I feel like one of them.

We have a special guest this year sitting in our countdown and that is Jack Russell, Jacky *insert many hearts emoji* He is an absolute sweet heart although I caught him gnawing me when he gets too excited. 

Honwee got a little too excited with Shan's selfie stick and wouldn't stop snapping photos. Poor shan must have had a lot of work to send all the photos out before deleting them! 

and... it was great! We played One Night and Avalon the whole entire night, everybody lasted till 7a.m. in the morning. If you ever played Avalon, you should know that the game itself creates a lot of mistrust and arguments. Our game can last for 10 minutes and for the next 30 minutes we will all be arguing. Everybody was so into the game, competitiveness at its best. 

All for a good laugh.

I love countdown this year, remarkably started 2016! 

Thanks guys, I hope there will always be more of us!