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Sunday, January 10, 2016


So, I thought I'd put in a little more consistency to document the parts and parcel of my life. Sounds mundane already, I know,  but I will still urge you to put your trust in me while I go through the moments of the week! Every Sunday, I'll consolidate a few things: 1) Things I've learnt 2) Feelings that I felt and 3) Raw thought process. I promise to be as true as possible. 

So, let's begin! 

It's a date with the tinsel rack today, I actually L O V E blogshops. My only problem is that some of their gorgeous items are not in my size, sobs. TTR is having their warehouse sales, and the queue was already insane at 1130am (their event starts at 1pm). While most girlfriends dragged their boyfriends along, Honwee was quite excited to go because he wanted to redeem the goodie bag. He calls the rest "poor souls" while he enjoy his wait in the name of 'cheap thrill'. As if I will buy that story, I strongly believe that he is there because I wanted to go. 

We had a great time chatting. Great company is important if you are going to be stuck with the person for quite some time. 

and I bagged $100 worth of clothes, two of which are gifts to my dearest girls! We also managed to be the top 150 customers so we get a goodie bag. The items included are very boring for Honwee, but to me it felt like a birthday present. I love it. 

and if you follow my instagram... this is a thing between us. Currently the scores after the incident in this picture is Crystal:1 Honwee:2 -____- I am a sore loser, going to get my revenge ASAP. 

It has been a semi-productive day, purchases-wise, I found a dress which I feel matches the theme for my birthday celebration! Actually I am having second thoughts now, but I feel that this is the closest I can get for anything grecian. Well, technically I also mentioned that anything whitexbrown would do so.... 

Ok I do not mean to be abrupt, but I've only started documenting the things yesterday so this is all the materials I have for now! I wish I am more prepared. Since it's my birthday celebration the coming week, I will definitely have more to write about, I am looking forward to next week. SEE YOU AGAIN  c.t.