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Friday, January 8, 2016

Thankful for all the personal msg, especially those that makes me want to grab the nearest box of tissue. Thankful and grateful to have Honwee waiting outside my house for close to an hour just so he can be the first person to kiss and cheeks and wish me a happy birthday. He makes me feel like I am so goddamn special, I am so happy for this day because if I was never born, or born to a different family/time I wouldn't have met Honwee and receive so many good things in my life. I really do feel like a princess, having a live band to sing to me and have so many cakes to finish!! 

Also very thankful that I am able to hold my 21st birthday celebration at Lloyd's inn next week, with so many people RSVP-ing. It's a happy problem, but I am genuinely concern about the space limitation. Thankful for my poly mates to bring down a balloon pug (!!!!) I don't really fancy big helium balloons with "21st" or "happy birthday!" they have definitely done it right with the floating puppy balloon because its so cute. Sadly I have to hang it up on my clothes rack because Cocoa is terribly paranoid with another floating dog around. 

So grateful for all the right people in my life, people whom I know I can love and trust without them disliking me for my sharp tongue and playful nature. I love you all the most and I feel extremely blessed and honoured when you all choose to seek solace in me, because you all don't know just how important you all are to me. I have always wanted close friends, but couldn't find any. I blame it on speaking without thinking. Years later I have my own close friends who I can carry with me through my life and are equally sharp tongued. Thanks for being real with me. 

So grateful that my mum bought me out for dinner because this is a special day for her too.. to think that she had to endure the pure tearing pain of child birth because she took too long to consider whether she wants to the jab or not. It was a struggle, it must have been a struggle. And poof, I am 21 already. A woman on my own, with a lovingly boyfriend. I like to think that some part of her is proud that I am who I am. Although she always, always pick on me for the littlest thing. I strongly think that, that has nothing to do with our mother-daughter r/s.