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21st Birthday

Tuesday, January 26, 2016
Is it Crystal's 21st? 

Yaas, I celebrated my 21st on the 15th (a week after my actual) and invited all my close friends/family over! I made sure to invite everybody in groups so they at least have people they know. 

SO.....I planned mine really late, 
I cannot explain the kind of fluster I experienced especially when I had to book a place to host the event. B i g   m i s t a k e. Honwee took over the planning mid-way and I think he regretted, big time! He was so anxious for the past few weeks leading up to this big day and he wanted the best for me. 

There were a lot of logistics that I mindlessly missed out because I wasn't thinking straight like decorations, collection of the food spread, where my photobooth is going to be, how is the whole things supposed to be, what are the games they can plan. I planned none, and there is only so much that Honwee can do. 

Nonetheless, it was one of the best celebrations I had because I never really actually go all out for my birthday celebrations before so this was a great experience, BUT NO MORE PLS. 

Hehe, see I got help do work one okay. 

Very thankful for the free labour that Honwee conveniently 'hired' over. To think that they weren't even invited in the first place... Honwee's friends are the best people to call along because they are very entertaining by nature (except when they h2h or talk abt army cuz I'm not in their clique and I am not a national-serving army boy), they are also very helpful and have great suggestions! Thank you, boys! 

And if you need me to spell it out for you... yesssssss venue was booked at Lloyd's Inn. 

They do have a no-party policy, and I do not know what possess me to actually just went ahead with it despite reading reviews of their staff chasing guests away. In the end, Honwee went over to inform the staff that there will be quite a few guests coming and they merely told me that they all have to leave by 10pm. Which was do-able for me because I told me guest that party ends 9-10pm. 

I supposed if you are not too noisy/destructive it's okay? 

Be sure to bring some cakes over to your neighbours to be on their good side! Honwee and I brought cupcakes up for the staff because I've seen a few of them there for the entire day already and I hope they enjoyed it. 

I was quite sad that there weren't a lot of pictures because I only had 1 photographer, Jimm haha, and he was too busy helping me take the group shots he didn't have the time to go around and help me take pictures of people at the party –– POOR PLANNING. 

See la Jimm.... haha kidding. 
But honestly... I didn't make the backdrop so that I can take all my photos in small groups. I just wanted everybody to eat and have fun. I wanted pictures of my guests eating, talking and of course of little ashley playing around. I thought if people wanted to take photo with me at the backdrop, they would have asked, don't need to force everybody in. Unless its the cake cutting! The pictures on the bed were far more stunning. Evidently so, 

Such a waste. 

Anyway, if you need to know, I themed my birthday The Great Greek Mythology, since it was always one of my favourite. And if the search for my outfit fails, I can always wear back my prom dress... haha, yes my prom was themed greek as well. Let me show ya. 

LOL, at this point of time Hw and I were merely friends and I remember spamming his inbox about the event serving chicken bakwa – I love bakwa. 

Ok, I digress, I am very glad I asked my parents to bring Ash to the party, cuz guess who helped me entertain the girls?? 

Apparently everybody fell in love with this little grumpy monster, and she was very well-behaved! I heard she even boogied when they play some songs for her. She kept giving high-fives and the girls absolutely love it. So thanks xiao (little) Ash, 1 year old and you know how to help lessen jiejie's (sister's) burden already! 

I am not going to bore you with my mundane group shots, those are reserved for my friends who wants their photos. but I just want to thank this very special person who helped organise from head to toe, and the person that loses his mind when something turn out not-so-good. 

Yes, thank you beeb. It's amusing how many times we scream at each other over the birthday party. It's the only time you ever got frustrated with me and I thought it was hilarious. Sorry I cannot keep a straight face when you 'scold' me for fooling around, you're too cute. 

And also my big big family who came down, even guiding my friends up to Lloyd's inn for me. If you cannot tell, I actually got my family to all wear black! Although some people came in black anyway and ruin that for me *insert sulking face*  

As for the food.... since catering is not allowed at Lloyd's Inn, Honwee and I went to get a lot of yummies: plain vanilla's cupcakes, ritzapplestrudel's cream puffs and eclairs, pizza, and Lady M cake! I understand that people usually get pretty fondant cake for their birthdays for the visuals and whatnot, but I really wanted my friends and family to eat the cake!! You know how sometimes when you have cake and people do not want them?! Luckily for me, everybody took at least a slice, and kudos to those that went for more. 

And my birthday wish was that.... 

everybody would always be this happy.


Thanks everybody, 

for making this a memorable one.