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Things that made me really happy

Thursday, December 31, 2015
In no order of preferences, here are 8 moments when I know that 2015 is a good year: 

1. Starting the year with my countdown buddies 

Like I mentioned on my dayre, these are my favourite bunch of people out of all of Honwee’s friends. Going for my third countdown with them, and I like everybody so much. I’ve grown so close to Shannon ever since she came up and opened herself up about studies, and personal expectations. She taught me many lessons, many of which involves self-love and acceptance. I love her dearly and always tell her that we are our own girlfriend sorority club. Awaiting new members, yup! The count hasn’t gone up ever since its us. *inserts poker face* WHICH I DON’T KNOW WHY, cuz they are all very sweet, gentlemen. Thanks for making so many things happen for me (like halloweenhorrornighthehehehe) 

2. Another year with Cocoa 

I’ve been quite busy with school and life, and I am seldom home. My mum is pretty busy herself too! So we actually grown quite distant from each other. Cocoa is the only reason why we talk anymore. It was a great day being able to sit around with my mother and Cocoa doing nothing. We both love Cocoa and... I guess you can see why. I am genuinely very thankful for every single day that it granted to me to be able to spend the time with my dog. 

3. Spending special occasions with Honwee’s family. 

We meet up a few times a year and I am always so excited to meet them because they are usually game for most of the things *recalls lemon forfeit* Honwee’s uncle taught me a bit about photography, Honwee’s parents inviting me along to their big dinners, good food all the time. And they are very accepting even when I was running to them, crying on the first day of chinese new year because my family wasn’t free, ya la I know very spoilt like that also cry. I never really needed to explain anything, they just brought me along with them all through out chinese new year.

4. Stepping out of comfort zone 

Auditioned for TPDE in 2014, got rejected. Hence when the new year dawn, I immediately went to take classes at Oschool! Stepping out of comfort zone suck and rock at the same time. It is bittersweet. Clarice is a great instructor so I loved every session at Oschool, and I think I improve a little bit through the course. Which will bring me to point 5... 

5. Getting into TPDE

Everything happened so quickly, I thought all I was going to do was attend class. However all freshies MUST participate in ‘Oomph’ – freshie showcase. SO there goes all my time spending with the modern niggas, or more commonly known as The Porcelain Youth!! We have a lot of cross overs and experienced dancers... and then, there is me. *photoshop my face into potato* 

ok wait, I am going to actually do that. 

I am very blessed to have dedicated choreographers, insanely and immensely talented friends. I had one of the best time being out of my comfort zone. Which brings me to point 6. 

6. Oomph

You know we actually won runner-up? HOW?! MAYBE CUZ I ALL THE WAY AT THE BACK, SO THEY CAN’T SEE ME HEHE. We didn’t expect ourselves to win b/c everybody was great. We were too busy bawling over the fact that we might not be able to dance on the same stage anymore. It was a touching moment. Our choreographer was the MC so she saw the results way before anybody else. Imagine how hard it was for her to keep a poker face. 

My family and friends came down to support me too T___T 
One of my biggest wish was for my mum to come down b/c when I dance this piece it’s a lot about her. It was really difficult to contain myself when everything ended and I had to take pictures of her. I believe I just sobbed through the photo taking, quite evidently despite my red face. Surprisingly nobody brought it up, but I know they all saw la. SO OBV. 

7. Keeping my friends and close friends next to me

Thanks for taking in all my b/s especially all my close friends who can take my level of insults. Y'all the best cuz I can be really direct and insensitive 24/7. You all should know who you are!! 

8. Spending another year with Honwee. 

I never really had to courage to post this picture up because I like to keep our r/s PG. PDA is not really our thing. Um.. yeah. BUT I LOVE THIS PICTURE? So romantic. Anyhow, our r/s is still in a great place. There are times where we felt that our spark died, but I will always remind myself that r/s takes effort. Self-control but tonnes and tonnes of effort. I am trying to be honest here, I don’t want to paint this giant happy picture of Honwee and I when we are but an ordinary couple. Honwee is a fantastic boyfriend. He is respectful and tolerant. Every time I feel like this is taking up too much work, I remind myself that. It is going to be the same in every r/s. It’s very easy to stop putting in effort. Even Honwee mentioned that there are times where he felt that I wasn’t giving in effort. For all the small and big huddles we overcome.. I am proud of us. Thank you for still choosing me after all the bitching that you have to tolerate. I will always choose you.