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Adventure Week

Monday, December 28, 2015
I think this is the most overused term when I am out with Honwee for a week straight, but I like the ideas of adventure. Even if its in your own city.

Day 1 – Ice-skating 

Unfortunately for you, I do not have any pictorial evidence of me wobbling in skates. Verdict: It was fun while it lasted. I was exhausted, and Honwee had a great time laughing at me. We silently (and shamelessly) challenged this other couple who were in the rink. Our goal was simply to overtake them as many times as we could, in spite of the fact that they seem to both be okay with ice-skating while there I was shaking and wobbling. It was distasteful and childish, but I loved every bit of it.

It quite amusing to know that there are actually things that we haven’t done together although we have been out together often, as friends and lovers, for the past three years? Swopping my usual shopping for something more of Honwee’s level was surprisingly refreshing and I haven’t seen Honwee laugh like that for awhile!

Day 2 – the cat cafe

Kudos to Honwee for hunting down this place for me!! All my friends know that I am helplessly in love with animals. So much so I think it is one of my weaknesses. Honwee never saw it as a weakness, I supposed he just thought that I am kind hearted. I guess by now he knows that the kindness it purely reserved for animals, I am real douchy when with human beings. 

I know it’s a cringe-worthy section for cat-haters, but LOOK AT THOSE EYES. How charming and innocent at the same time. I am so grateful that Honwee are okay with animals, he was not very fond of Cocoa initially and I was quite put off by it. Thankfully, he fell in love with Cocoa and wouldn’t stop kidnapping her from meeeeee!!

He has also agreed to let me keep dogs, cats and whatever I want in the future. Yay to that!!

Adventure day 3 – chill 

 we took a break on day three and laze our day away watching Point Break and eating bingsu.

Adventure day 4 – Zoo
It was the most impromptu adventure day as I casually suggested to my step mum that we could all go to the Zoo and so we did!!

Honwee and I mostly felt like a helper the entire time. We were carrying bags, pushing trolly and planning out the route because Princess Ashley demands to be carried by mummy all the time. Also, we didn’t want to tire out Stephy since caring for a kid can be really demanding. 

Ashley hasn’t seen much of the world yet. She has been really snug in her comfort zone (her house), she is basically terrified of everything. Everything including Honwee, random animal statues and me. ME *inserts angry emoji*  

When she’s not whining and demanding for things, she can be quite an angel. I mean just look.. 

Mmm, I looked very intense here because she pulled the goldie’s fur.

Adventure day 5 – Papa Koh’s birthday celebration @ Haidilao 

I was invited to join the family for dinner at Haidilao, I love dinners with the Kohs because 1) I don’t have to pay (yayyy) and 2) I love family dinners. They always talk over dinners and order interesting dishes. I didn’t really know that family dinners was supposed to be like this because in my family, when we eat, we eat. Boring, but I guess every family has their own traditions. 

Adventure day 6 – Partyworld

On the sixth day, I met Rai (insert gazillion heart emojis) and Honwee came to third wheel us. I lost my voice due to excessive karaoke and at the last hour of our k-session I had to give the mic to them and get them to go on without me.

After 7 years, I am still in the friend zone with Rai. She no give chance.. really. 

Adventure day 7 – sick 

Now we all know why God took a rest on the seventh day, b/c he was tired to the bones! Following the k-session that caused me my voice, I was down with raging fever and had to stay at home the entire day. Honwee carefully nursed me and entertained himself while I was zonked out. It was a very sad ending for our adventure week because I wanted to do so many more things, I would like to go camping, have picnics and go to the beach. Anyhow, I am still very appreciative of this ‘happening’ week. It felt like we were dating again. 

I hope this has been as interesting to you as it has been for me! Till another day, c.t.