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Thursday, December 3, 2015
I think I have been too long a hiatus so... here is a short follow up on what happened in November:

The Porcelain Youth was selected to perform for Blackbox Recital, we were incredibly lucky to be able to perform again. Also... having our instructor left us one day before our recital. I came home and bawled, pushing everybody including H.w. away. It was a really sad experience for me.

One of the biggest event was... colouring my hair? And if you asked me what colour it is, I can’t answer you. I gave my stylist a picture and he did this colour. It was not exactly what I wanted, but H.w. likes it so I guess its still nice? 

Other than that, I am moving in to Punggol *yay*.

This is “my space”, my bed would be right next to the window and we are going to add a room divider so I get a little more privacy. I was quite apprehensive about moving to Punggol (not that I had a choice), but I am slowly beginning to fall in love with this place. The quaint place strokes the introvert in me *inserts dorky emoji*.

and then... INTERN ENDED!!

I prepared bags of edible yum-yums and in return they bought me a bunny from Jellycat, the texture is soooo soft. I wanted to pass it on to Ashley but decided to keep it for myself cuz ITS SO SOFT. Sorry ash, jiejie buy one for you next time.

I guess November feels rather eventful?

I actually have an askfm question about how Honwee and I met (and I love sharing this story because everything was purely out of coincidence) so I will be picking out a day to write about that as well!! Can’t wait. SEE YOU. c.t.