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How did we get together?

Tuesday, December 22, 2015
Kids, I am going to tell you an incredible story; the story of how I met Honwee.

BUT YES, this is for that anon who waited 30 days for his/her question to be answered!!! Crystal is inefficient af. 我知道 (I know). I have actually recounted the story numerous time on different occasion, and of course there is Honwee’s version of how we met, on his perspectives and why he did certain things, but too bad Honwee is not very verbal, he doesn’t have a blog, doesn’t see his notifications for fb, twitter yadayada. So here is Crystal’s perspective!!!

The Crowning of Eyecandy 
Believe it or not, we met at McDonald’s. Jeng jeng jeng, all the romance down the drain. ANYHOW, I was not looking for a relationship at that point of time. Truth is, I had a crush on somebody else. I didn’t want anybody to know. So when I was studying with this friend at McDonald’s this topic came up and I tried to bullshit my way through by pointing to the first random guy that walked into McDonald’s. That person was, erm, Honwee. So I pretended to be very attracted to Honwee. Sorry to pop your bubbles guys, it was not love at first sight. It was nothing romantic actually, I only found him cute after awhile.

This is how he probably looked like then. I know... that helmet hair... ANYWAY, I saw him a couple times later. He was always studying alone and I was almost always with my friends when we studied at McDonald’s so I thought.. he must be really cool and aloof. Which is kinda my type. Don’t judge ok, Derek Hale is an alpha male, cool and aloof, and I like to believe that he stole many hearts in the series ‘Teen Wolf’. I digress, I continue to bump into him a few more times at McDonald's before I decided that this cute guy is going to be my eye candy. Some of my secondary school friends still call him the McDonald’s boy.

Befriending.. virtually. 
SO one day, I wanted to tell this close girl friend about Honwee’s existence but she was always with Xi hong. They are both my secondary school friend, but I have zero intention to let XH know anything, cuz boyzzzz what do they know. 

Anyhow, Honwee walked in one faithful day when three of us (girl friend, xihong and I) were studying together. I immediately texted my girl friend to alert her and at this moment guess what happened???? XI HONG CALLED OUT TO HONWEE. Apparently they were primary school friends. Small world, btw xihong is demanding me to put his picture up if we ever got married LOL. 

Along the way Xi hong found out that I EC-ed Honwee, turns out he was nothing but tactful. I swallow back everything I said I knew about boys. He comforted me when times weren’t good and gave a lot of advises mostly to protect me from getting hurt. Aww friendships like this for the winnnnn. Since Xi hong and Hon wee knew each other he introduced hon wee to us. I went to follow Honwee on twitter b/c my balls... is non-existence, literally. We studied together with Xihong and girl friend a couple times, never really alone or anything. Just.. a group lor. I didn’t have the balls to talk to him either, cuz it’s so real now. MY EC IS MY FRIEND. It was all I asked for. 

It was all good, but I don’t like it that I was losing focus on my O level’s (pfffft), so I decided that one day I will head out to study. I went to Novena’s Starbucks to mug for chemistry, I told myself I can reward myself with burger king for staying away from McDonald’s. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED LEH? When I went to claim my reward, I saw Honwee... with another girl. We made eye contact but wasn’t sure if we should acknowledge each other or anything b/c technically.. we haven’t spoke to each other right??? While I was about to leave, I wanted to at least wave, but he never made eye contact with me. He looked at her like she was everything to him. That cool and aloof guy I knew actually has fire. Half of my heart knew that she was more than just a friend, half of my heart told me that he is just an eye candy. And my brain is telling me about covalent bonds. I went on to study for a good hour at Starbucks. Nothing productive, just wondering who she might be and why hasn’t she studied with him at all at McDonald’s. Um... so now you know ah, Hon wee my science B3 is kinda your fault. 

At some point of time I could not take in anymore, so I left starbucks earlier than I was supposed to. When I reached home, I was tormented with guilt for losing focus YET AGAIN to this boy who meant nothing. So I went back to McDonald’s to study again. No prize to guess who I met AGAIN. I said “hi” this time, I asked him to help me chope seats if there was any since it was crowded. Which he did. I didn’t think about the incident in the afternoon anymore, I studied. Somehow we went home together that night. He called me a pig after exchanging a few lines  -_____-  he says it was to break the ice la, but whatever la, offensive! If he tell me that now, I am going to tell him to f off. We twitter dm-ed for a bit afterwards. It felt greattttt, I am starting to like this guy. I completely forget about everything that happened before. 

The same night, he dm-ed me to tell me that he already has a girlfriend. The girl I saw, she was his girlfriend. He was attached. I like to think that I played it cool, like it doesn’t matter but according to Honwee I did a terrible job. I went to tell Xi hong T____T and he comforted me throughout the time. We still study together, but I abandoned any ideas I initially had.

Which brings me to a point.. I know how it feels like to have your bf cheat on you. That’s whole ’nother story which I will not elaborate on. It was the kind of darkness that you cannot walk out from. I would not even wish it on my worst enemy let alone another girl I barely know. At this point of time, he knew that I like him and I know he doesn’t like me anymore than a close friend. I’ve already accepted the fate and I dare say there was nothing flirty going on. Whatever we talked about in real life, or in convos can be displayed to the public. There was no “I miss you”, “ I love you” or anything of sort. I respected their r/s. Xihong also told me if Honwee were to break up with his then gf just to be with me, he told me to run. Run as far as I can because if he does that, he is no good. I agreed.

We were good friends for a really long time. We played basketball the cup corn version, and I introduced him to the good food at yellow rooftop and he would help me with my revision for olevels. We would talk until really late and he will miss his last bus. Sometimes he would tell me about his girlfriend, and I would listen. Sometimes I will tell him about my exes and he would listen. He is a good listener, and I talk a lot. That’s why we were close, I guess? If I see a cute guy, sometimes he would try to help me see if the guy was tall enough by trying to walk pass him. HAHAHA, it was fun. I was really into the Darren Wong kinda dude, still am, so there was this heartthrob with the 坏男孩 (naughty boy) feels. He frequents McDonald’s as well, and every time he comes around Honwee would inform me. I didn’t LIKE that guy la, I just thought that he was quite cute. I had the rights ok, I was single. 

Around three months into our friendship, Honwee was going for his J1 holidays and I was happy for him so I casually told him “yay can finally accompany your gf already”. She was very busy, somehow, so they seldom spend time together, holidays were their best opportunity. And he replied: “we broke up”. He teared la, I saw. I know I should have been like “YAYYYYYYYY come come cry on my shoulder” *i tell this funnier version when my friends ask me face-to-face*, but at that point of time, I felt really sad for him. He was my best friend. And when you see your best friend break up with their partner, you can’t help but feel sad. I felt really bad for bringing it up. That night when I went home, I felt terrible. There was nothing I could say to make him feel better, I know. I tried to comfort him by telling him that if the r/s was true it will always come around. GUESS WHAT THAT DOUCHEBAG SAY? “Even if I break up with her, I will never love you”. 

It was the least of my concern, but when he said that I flipped. 

Don’t doubt my friendship ok, fk you. I didn’t rage at him. I was just really pissed he said that. But after all the commotion, I was sad because walao why so harsh one you. I am your friend leh!! I love telling this part b/c whenever I do, I will glare at Honwee and he will be like “AIYA OVER SO LONG LIAO!!!!!” sometimes for the fun of it I will repeat it into his ears “I will never love you”x100. 

Friends, but closer 
For the remaining months to the end of 2012. We were even closer friends, we would go out for mini adventures and what not. My then best friend had some problems in her r/s and doesn’t see me that often anymore so he became my new best friend. It was around December 2012 when I was really confused with Honwee because he told me he doesn’t like me but he doesn’t act like it. We were play fighting once and somehow he ended up hugging me. What? what? what? what? what? what? Honwee what? I was VERY close to my guy friends and trust me when I say that what Honwee did was not what my other guy friends would have done. I was really shy and confused. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THIS FRIENDSHIP? IS IT NOT FRIENDSHIP? What should I do? Run? Should I tell Honwee off? Should I draw a line? King of false hopes strikes again. 

In January, I confronted him. It was our first argument? He brought up a few points like he doesn’t want to use me as his rebound (ouch) and that he didn’t want to commit into something he wasn’t sure would last. So I told him, we could start dating. I didn’t know what the term was, I merely told him we could try it out. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. We had an amazing time together, nothing changed actually, we were still best friends but now he would occasionally hold my hand or give me a peck. It was cute *insert starry eyes* 

I think it’s safe to say that we dated for half a year -___- before he asked me to be his girlfriend. 

I cried haha NO LA, it came as a complete surprise even though I have been anticipating it. Unfortunately, I was rushing for work that day, LOL! I was like “Aww.....”  *took sometime to read the letter and appreciate his gift and then okneedtogolebyebyeloveyoubeeb!! 

It took him half a year to decide that I wasn’t a rebound -______- Anyhow, he explained to me after we got together that he did like me, but he thought was all infatuation. He didn’t want to hurt me and so on. 

After being together, I found out that Honwee is nothing close to cool and aloof. Bummer. He is usually friendly and has close friends. Our relationship blossom into this disgusting compromisation. I am already used to Honwee farting, Honwee would sometimes check my armpits for hair, we’ve already established the fact that I am the lazy one. We are going to have 10 dogs. I have more guy friends than he has girl friends. There is this time of the month that I don’t listen to logic and for the entire time he can only regard me as queen. 

Two and a half years of being together, still very happy despite our gross behaviours. Of course behind our smiles, we do get moments where we are intensely upset with one another. Ultimately, we still hope that we will marry each other, because we can’t see ourselves with anyone else.

LONGASS STORY, I hope I didn’t bore you out. And I answered your question, anon. Love, C.t.