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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

(WARNING: This might just be the most uninteresting entry you will never going to read on this page) In the midst of settling bills and the state of my house - apparently my 'art' of mess is not very welcomed by my mother, who demands it to be clean as of today. I know it is wrong to think about the holidays right now, but it is all I have been thinking about. My ignorance must be put to a stop before the avalanche of disappointments fall upon me, slipping me into the dark abyss of no return.

I have learnt and experienced a couple of things during my time away from the internet (not really, but yeah). I attended my first dance class last Friday. First class only because I went to the wrong class the week before and ended up with a few moves from Street Jazz. I laughed at myself the entire week. Body control is such an amazing thing. And learning how to dance despite having your friends laughing at you is such a liberating act. I have never felt more free and happy. Seriously.

I also caught ABTM3. Boyfriend would break my attention from point to point to further elaborate or explain the movie. It was fun trying to spot H in the movie, but sadly that was all the fun I got. Compared to the previous ABTM movie, I could not tell who the lead really was. It was more informational than entertainment. Although there WERE a few scenes worth choking your popcorns for, but that was that. That day I understood that I am never going to like ALL of Honwee's acquaintance. There are just some group of people I would like to see less, regardless of how close H is to them.

Kingsman was great. Think humour, gore and well-fitted suits.

I think my health is in a state worst than what I think it is. Is it all in my head? I have never seen/met/heard of anybody that experience blackouts as much as I do. I am going to stop right here before I start dwelling on the possibility of a certain death. I like living.

*Ends abruptly*