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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I used to have this default grouchy face that I thought was oh-so-adorable. After awhile I think that I look nothing close to cute. It was like I possess only the demonic side of children. #pictureunrelatetoentry

That aside, I have this new found appreciate for silence. I like to think that I was an independent child since my younger years, but I hated quiet. I needed my earpiece wherever I go. I'd rather be late than travel long journeys with nothing but my own thoughts. I took this test when I was younger as part of a development programme in primary school and it stated that I work best without music - not even the soft ones. Of course I didn't took the advice of a piece of paper. It was uncomfortable. I want Katy Perry to rock my ears when I do my simultaneous equations, and she will.

Until this semester, I've found myself doing my work without the urge to keep my radio on, in fact, I had to switch it off because I am too distracted to do anything. Maybe my multitasking skills have deteriorated, or maybe I feel the need to respect the singer enough to really LISTEN to their songs. *Shrugs* I don't know. I used to study a lot outside. Not the library though, the air of competition (for study tables, haha) and silence suffocates me. I studied at McD's a lot and I loved it there. I made many friends, and even managed to meet the love of my life there (everybody joking about how H and I will hold our wedding at McD's... *pout* you all watch out, I give you all 10-course McD's meals). And now I can't seem to even sit still anymore. I rarely go back to McD's and I spend most of the time studying at home.

Library became such an appealing place, the thought of being surrounded by books and people who are hardworking (and people who aren't, but are just hogging seats *death glare*) kinda made me really happy....for no apparent reason.

I don't know why I went through the trouble to compose a badly written entry to tell you about my new fascination, but hey, thanks for reading through.